The DaCCA program has been instrumental in empowering communities to develop and implement climate change adaptation interventions through Community Adaptation Action Plans (CAAPs). In collaboration with Homabay and Migori counties, the Advocacy working group organized a workshop to guide relevant county officials and ward leadership through the CAAP development process.

During the workshop, Chief Officers from various departments provided positive feedback and recognized the CAAP as the most effective tool for community planning. The workshop also fostered an interactive environment, combining valuable insights with moments of humor to make the training engaging and enjoyable.

Identified areas for improvement in the CAAP process included enhancing the tool to capture local and traditional knowledge on adaptation, utilizing Chiefs barazas as a platform for community involvement in joint planning, and educating community members on climate change hazards, risks, and impacts.



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About DaCCA

The Devolution and Climate Change Adaptation programme (DaCCA) currently operates in Western Kenya and has been running since November 2015. It is supported by Sustainable Energy (SE), Denmark through DANIDA funds.