Farming in the face of a changing climate

Various strategies such as individual and joint trainings, follow ups, holding fields, reach out outreaches and holding stakeholders meetings have been used to ensure the successful adoption of the approach in the targeted communities. Read More!

Advocacy Interventions in Western Kenya

Despite contributing very little towards the global green house gas emissions, developing countries are
bearing the brunt of catastrophic events resulting from changes in the climate. Meager financial resources and low technological capacity further enhance the challenges that developing countries face in their attempts to better adapt to this ‘new’ global phenomenon.. Read More!

Devolution and Climate Change Adaptation ( DaCCA) Bronchure

DaCCA is a three year programme- November 2015 to December 2018- supported by SustainableEnergy (SE) of Denmark through DANIDA funds. The programme is currently being implemented in a consortium constituting 4 organizations i.e. SusWatch Kenya, Umande Trust, CREPP and OSIENALA, with SusWatch Kenya hosting the secretariat. Senior members of the partner organizations make up the Programme Coordinating Committee (PCC) who are responsible for Read More!

DaCCA Consolidated Baseline Survey Report

Kenya is already extremely susceptible to climate-related events and such events pose a serious threat to the socio-economic development of the country. The county governments and the relevant devolved government departments and officers should be sensitized on the importance of supporting climate change adaptation and in order for community concerns on climate adaptation to find their way into planning documents such as County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) and yearly county budgets …Read More!