In a momentous event supported by the Devolution and Climate Change Adaptation Program and other development partners, the County Government of Migori officially launched its Climate Change Policy and Legislative framework. These groundbreaking measures are aimed at addressing the profound impacts of climate change, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today.

The Migori Climate Change policy places emphasis on adopting climate-resilient
practices in agriculture, water management, and renewable energy. It promotes
community engagement in climate change mitigation and adaptation while
strengthening the capacity of relevant government agencies. By reducing community
vulnerability to climate change effects and promoting sustainable resource
management, the policy aligns with the county’s sustainable development goals.
During the launch, esteemed attendees including Chief Executive Committee
Members, Chief Officers from County Departments, Directors, Non-State Actors
(NSAs), Technical officers, and representatives from the CECM Department of
Environment, Natural Resources, and Disaster Management were present. The
County Secretary, Mr. Oscar Walima, delivered the Governor’s goodwill message,

affirming the county’s commitment to implementing climate change actions and
urging departments to collaborate on these crucial issues.
With the launch of these policies and acts, Migori County takes a significant stride
towards a more sustainable and resilient future. This comprehensive framework,
developed in collaboration with key stakeholders, lays the foundation for effective
climate change action and paves the way for a harmonious coexistence between the
community and its environment.



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About DaCCA

The Devolution and Climate Change Adaptation programme (DaCCA) currently operates in Western Kenya and has been running since November 2015. It is supported by Sustainable Energy (SE), Denmark through DANIDA funds.