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AAGRISS, alongside three western Kenya-based NGOs, is currently implementing a project dubbed
Decentralisation and Climate Change in the Lake Victoria Basin focuses on strengthening the climate
resilience for smallholder farmers as a strategy to alleviate poverty in rural communities of the Lake
Victoria Basin. The programme works with community-based organizations and civil society
organizations who are active within the natural resource management sector, paying particular
attention to agriculture and food security, on their right to participate in local planning processes
within subnational decentralization processes. In this regard, AGRISS is seeking to fill the following
vacant positions: Monitoring Evalution and Learning Coordinator (MEAL) and Programme
Assistant with interested, qualified, experienced and motivated persons…Read More.

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As all social welfares organizations do, we help people by harnessing the power of many. Whether it be a small amount of donation, a day of volunteer work in the field or just a social media post, they make a huge difference when multiplied by thousands.
Please read on and we’re sure you will find a way to help the people in need all around the world…


Volunteering lies at the very core of every non profit organization and it is as important as donating. Please have a look at the form below and you’ll find a wide range of volunteering options, from full-time hands on working to work-at-home programs. You decide how much time and effort you want to invest, and we’ll make a schedule tailored for you!


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