The County Government budget functions as a vital financial road-map, delineating revenue sources and their allocation while shaping government policies and guiding public programs throughout the fiscal year.


This comprehensive plan also pinpoints the essential resources needed for program implementation, aligning with the government’s diverse developmental priorities. The critical phase of budget formulation and approval necessitates a delicate balance, ensuring that priorities align with available funding to prevent the pitfalls of underspending or underfunding. In cases where unforeseen circumstances arise, adjustments are made through supplementary appropriations, which can significantly influence key priorities. Regrettably, this pivotal stage of budgeting, particularly supplementary appropriations, often transpires without the benefit of public scrutiny or consultation leaving communities wanting a say feeling disempowered.


The Development and Climate Change Adaptation (DaCCA) program plays a pivotal role in empowering vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change and advocate for climate change policies and the allocation of devolved funds. DaCCA operates through a well-structured framework, consisting of thirty (30) Ward Climate Change Community Representatives (WCCCR) and the five (5) Community Dialogue Forum (CDF) members. The latter actively engage with county government leaders to foster climate change adaptation….Read More 


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About DaCCA

The Devolution and Climate Change Adaptation programme (DaCCA) currently operates in Western Kenya and has been running since November 2015. It is supported by Sustainable Energy (SE), Denmark through DANIDA funds.